LunchSkins2 - Little Bags. Big Deal!

reusable sandwich + snack baggies

Introducing a new addition to the LunchSkins reusable baggie family! These cheerful, affordable and easy to wash reusable baggies come paired in matching patterns and are available at select Target stores nationwide! Help spread the word that now there are LunchSkins for everyone and every occasion.

green sandwich + snack baggie red sandwich + snack baggie blue sandwich + snack baggie

a lunchtime story...

Moms really do know best. Not only when it comes to caring for our children, but the environment too. That's why 3 moms got together one day around a kitchen table and teamed up to create LunchSkins - the green baggie answer to every mom's plastic baggie blues. Now this same team brings you LunchSkins2 in matching patterns. These fun, affordable, easy-to-wash baggies help families reduce daily waste and save money, too. Go green, save green, because supermoms do both at the same time.

Lunchtime Story Bottom

Did you know that the average family spends $85 a year on disposable plastic baggies? What a waste! Keep money in your pocket, and plastic out of landfills and oceans with a set of LunchSkins2.